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Secret iPhone & iPad Version – in beta

Websites and virtual tours are optimized for the device they’re being viewed on.  For instance, Apple devices like iPhones and iPads aren’t compatible with “flash” presentations, so PreviewFirst tours are optimized with photo swipe technology.  While it may be true that buyers really only want the photo tour, it sure would be great to watch […]

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I Am Your Best Salesperson

Resume Application (858)451-5772 service@previewfirst.com Objective:  Seeking Position as Sales Assistant  I will show your listings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I’ll make sure your listings look perfect for every showing – lights on, shades open and a clean kitchen. Even if the weather is bad, I’ll make sure the views are spectacular. […]

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Copyright Protected?

If someone tells you they can’t print or publish the photos we’ve provided to you because of the copyright, show them your copyright license.  The following is posted publicly on our website within the terms and conditions and FAQ’s. You can also provide this Photo Copyright Release. Copyrights Granted with conditions: Any photography ordered from […]

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