Guy with a drone vs. Expert aerial photography

Here’s an example of a very challenging aerial photo. The camera is facing the in the direction of the sun, and with a dark shadow cast on the front of the house. While never ideal, I good photography team does wonders. In this case, the water should be blue. Skies should be radiant. Grass and trees should be colorful. Wide Angle distortion should be minimized. Shadows should be lifted as much as possible. And do that to the rest of the photos.

Use the slider to see the difference between “a guy with a drone” and a professional aerial team.


If you see the difference between the drone guy and the professional, PreviewFirst is probably a good match for the quality you expect.


Everyone has a drone nowadays! Truth is, you can probably find a kid in the neighborhood that will charge you $50 to take pictures for you. Do that, and then compare those to quality from PreviewFirst.

PreviewFirst pilots are experts in the UAV industry, using the latest and most advanced drones and cameras. PreviewFirst pilots are expert photographers with years of experience. We know the right angles and compositions and how to adjust for challenging lighting conditions. PreviewFirst aerial photos are produced by our expert editing team. Never willing to disappoint, we also take a lot of pictures so you have a lot to choose from, and each one is edited to perfection.

Here is an example of a complete shoot.

low level focus on home

little higher – focus on water and home

focus on backyard while minimizing neighbors

similar, but different angle (straight on)

ninety degree to show backyard in full and entire property

neighborhood photo to show location within community

similar angle for good measure

showing the community, the lagoon and the proximity to the ocean

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