3D Tours – The good the bad and the ugly

Buyers love them. Sellers love you! A 3D Tour is an online experience that lets home buyers move through a property and see it from any angle.  It’s an immersive experience, allowing you to move naturally through the interior, then zoom out to our dollhouse or floor-plan view for a unique perspective of the layout.

Are there any potential problems?  Yes, and we’re glad you asked. Please pay special attention to these concerns.
The “why” behind this technology is very lengthy and technical.  This post is not intended to explain why these things are problems.  Rather, we’re just trying to make sure you’re aware that they could be “potential problems.”
  • Mirrors:  Sometimes room with mirrors can be problematic and prevent scanning of the entire room.  In such cases, the photographer will scan the room as much as possible, but often can only scan from the doorway. This may result in black (unscanned spots) via the dollhouse and floor-plan views.
  • Direct Sunlight: If a room has bright sunlight coming into it through windows, this may pose a problem.  Similar to mirrors, if an area can’t be scanned, it may result in black spots via the dollhouse and floor-plan views.  And even if it can be scanned, the 3D Tour will still work, but the harsh sunlight may still be interpreted as black spots.
  • Remove the Dollhouse and Floor-Plan view?  If you don’t like the dollhouse and floor-plan view, we can always remove those options.
Here are a few examples.  As you can see here, the 3D Tour worked great.
But it doesn’t look as pretty in the dollhouse or floor-plan views.
3D Tour View - 1
Focusing on the hot sunspots (below), you can see where the sun causes
the black areas in the dollhouse & floor-plan views.
3D Tour View - 2
The black spots are where the sun is shining strong.  
Floor-Plan View
DollHouse View
When it comes to mirrors, we have a few tricks, but they don’t always work.  We’ll do our best.  When it comes to harsh sunlight… we recommend closing the blinds.  If either of these things will be an issue, please notify us right away.  We would rather cancel the appointment, than take your money and disappoint you.
Ninety-Five percent of time, it’s not a problem.  But it’s important to know what to expect.

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