The Right Number Of Photos?

What is the right number of photos for the MLS? Most MLS systems allow 25 photos. Some only allow 15 photos and others 30 photos. One Southern California MLS made the decision to allow up to 75 photos. “75 PHOTOS! REALLY?” That’s the response from most Relators who can’t imagine the average home warranting 75 photos – because most don’t.

The purpose behind allowing (up to) 75 photos is to make it virtually unlimited – for estates or ranch properties that can actually use that many photos. Most homes don’t need anywhere near that many photos, and attempting to provide that many photos will actually result in bored prospects who just skip to the next listing. Your photos should fill your inbox and make your phone ring. Anything that hinders that (too many photos) should be avoided.

The photographers objective is to capture the best angles of the home, to make it look attractive and give it context. You don’t want redundant images just for the sake of having more photos. And you don’t want to take pictures of things that aren’t interesting or necessary. The process of scrolling through non-relevant images devalues all of the other photos, and reduces the “come-see-me-in-person” impact.

So what’s the right number of photos for your listing? It depends on the size of the home and its selling points. In our experience, the average home results in 25-40 images. This is typically the magic number. But it shouldn’t be about numbers. It should be about the home.

At PreviewFirst, we approach each photoshoot as if it were your own property. What do we think the seller loves about it? Is it the view from their master bedroom? The upgraded kitchen? The treelined driveway? It’s our job as the photographer to consider the selling points and translate those to a potential buyer, so more buyers call you to see it in person.


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