PreviewFirst Thanksgiving

It’s 10:50am Thanksgiving day 2015. Crackling fire and coffee in hand, I’m counting our blessings at PreviewFirst, I want to thank our wonderful customer support team. Your positive attitudes and heart for service are evident in everything you do. People think of us as a “Photography company”, but we know we’re really a “Customer service company that offers photography services.” You live out our internal motto everyday – Thank you!

To our photography team, you are the face of PreviewFirst. Most customers never get a chance to meet all the folks behind the scenes. You represent all of us. The way you treat our clients, your personal commitment to each assignment…. You make us look good. Thank you!

Consistency is key to everything we do. To the editing team, your work-ethic and photoshop skills are unrivaled. Your commitment to quality control and your passion for perfection, inspire us. The value you bring to our clients, in the way of consistent, high-quality results, puts our competitors at a severe disadvantage! 🙂 You do so much, but get little public credit. -From all of us, THANK YOU!

Lastly and most importantly, to our customers… We are so grateful to be your photography parter. Our customers (our partners) are awesome! You are the best in the industry and you choose PreviewFirst. We are honored every day, with every order, not just for your business, but the influence you have on all of us. It is our pleasure to serve you. Thank you for your business.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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