Twilight Photography – What to expect

What is Twilight Photography and how many photo should be expected?
Twilight Photography starts at $350 and generally produces 25-35 photos total. The objective of twilight photography is to capture the entire home during the last 90 minutes of sunlight. This includes 60 minutes before the sun sets, and 30 minutes after.

When the setting sunlight is favorable, some exteriors will be captured at the beginning of the appointment, and then the race is on to get as many interior photos as possible – before the sun goes down. Time is of the essence, so please have the home ready before the photographer arrives.

Most of the photos are captured before and during sunset, and there is a 15-20 minute window when the photographer will focus on the “twilight” portion – typically resulting in 4-5 twilight images. Sometimes conditions make it easy to get more photos during that 20 minute window. Other times, conditions can result in just one or two. Please Note: You should not expect more than a 2-4 twilight images. Anything more than that is considered bonus, and we like to provide as many “bonus” shots as possible. But sometimes, it comes back to bite us when we over-deliver. So please expect 2-4 and be as excited as we are when we can deliver more. 🙂

Every home presents its own challenges and opportunities and many variables can determine the number of photos; weather, colorful sunsets, where the sun sets, property size, amenities. For example, this photo below required the full twilight window of 20 minutes. It’s such a wide property with so much to light up, it took the whole time for just one twilight photo. We still captured several dusk images, but only one with a deep blue sky. Use the slider to see the difference.


What does “Twilight” mean?
When we refer to twilight pictures, we’re mainly referring to photos taken about 10-30 minutes after the sun sets. This is a 20 minute window when the sky quickly turns from day to night (twilight), allowing us to capture a few photos during sunset or dusk, and a couple with a deep blue (colorful) evening sky.

Ask About Twilight Plus
Upgrade to “Twilight Plus” for $75 more. With this option, the photographer will show up earlier in the day, and return for the evening shots. Each appointment allows the photographer to capture the home with preferred lighting – when the sun is on both sides of the house, and capture interiors without the sun shining directly through the windows.

As always, please contact us with any questions.

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