Aerial Photography & Video


Aerial Photography Amount
5 Photos $200
10 Photos $250
15 Photos $300
20 Photos $400
Aerial Photo/Video Amount
5 Photos, 3 Video Clips $300
10 Photos, 5 Video Clips $400
10+ Photos, Elaborate Video $600

Aerial Photography

With Aerial Photography, you can expect 5-10+ images per property on average.

PreviewFirst is the premiere aerial photography team in Southern California.  Our team of pilots are the most experienced and qualified, and you get to enjoy the benefit of expert photographers (FAA certified and insured).  You also get the added benefit of our award winning expert editing team.

With aerial photography, we capture your property from multiple angles and elevations.  The goal is to capture the house at a low level, with emphasis on the home itself.  A higher elevation photo typically shows the home in relation to its environment, which could be the land or the neighborhood.  And another elevation or angle that is more like a satellite view.

Aerial photographs are expertly edited and and delivered in both high and low resolution formats, available for download the next business day.

Aerial Video and Photography

Our team will develop a plan to capture the most interesting and engaging video clips for your property.  Depending on the size of the property and its features, the average production is $300 – $600.  Your PreviewFirst Pilots are not only the most experienced at flying, but also in video and photography.  The value here goes beyond the drone and beyond the media captured…. It has much to do with the hours of intensive editing.  Your final media production is sure to wow your clients.

[Sample One – “Elaborate Production $1250”]

[Sample Two – “Standard Production $700”]


Most aerial photo and video is captured with UAV (Drones) for altitudes up to 400 feet.

Drone Photography up to 400 feet

Drone Photography up to 400 feet

If you need footage above 400 feet, call for a helicopter quote.

Helicopter Photography Above 400 Feet

Helicopter Photography Above 400 Feet


To order aerial photography:

Orange County (949) 491-1445
San Diego County (619) 821-8228
Temecula / Murrieta (Inland Empire) (951) 297-9049

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