PreviewFirst Affiliate Photographer Opportunities

Full Time Affiliate Photographers

Do you know how to light up the interior of a home so that it looks natural, bright, evenly exposed, maintaining proper colors and window clarity? If so, let’s talk.

  • Average monthly payout is $4,800 – $7,000+
  • Must be available 4-5 days per week
  • Must own necessary equipment
  • Prefer to work with Mac users
  • Photographers with a comprehensive online photo gallery should inquire.
  • Learn more.

Outsource Affiliate Photographers


Inland Empire, Orange, San Diego, & LA Counties – We are a very busy real estate photography company. Sometimes too busy! So when a customer needs an appointment right away, and we’re already booked two days out, it’s nice to have local photographers we can outsource too.

If you already have a real estate photography business, and would like to partner with PreviewFirst, we’d love to talk with you.

Be PreviewFirst in Your Part of the World
If you are an established real estate photographer, we are interested in partnering with you. “Established” means that you already have a base of regular clients – and you would like more.

The Opportunity
As an experienced real estate photographer, you know the difficult challenges of “doing it all” – scheduling, shooting, editing, delivery, creating and managing virtual tours, customer support, billing, marketing, and the associated costs involved. When you partner with PreviewFirst, we take care of the customer and the business end of things, so you can concentrate on the part you love – shooting! Imagine waking up every day to a full schedule of shoots and nothing else to worry about.

Adopt the PreviewFirst brand as your own.
When you partner with PreviewFirst, we take care of everything, so all you have to do is shoot. Maintain your existing clientele and let us help you grow your business under the PreviewFirst brand. We provide the technology, customer support and business systems needed to expand your business and grow your revenues.

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