Unlimited Virtual Tours – Annual Hosting

PreviewFirst no longer charging $10 to renew virtual tours.

Virtual Tours remain available for one year.  However, as long as you are an active PreviewFirst customer, your tours will remain available indefinitely.

What does it mean to be an “active” PreviewFirst customer?  Answer: If you have ordered at least one tour in the last 12 months, you’re considered active.  That’s it!  That let’s us know that you’re still in the business and still using PreviewFirst.  So, when a tour reaches it’s maturity date of  365 days, the system will see that you are active, and keep the tour “available”.  If an account shows no new tours for more than 12 months, it’s considered an inactive account, and all associated virtual tours will be removed and no longer available.

Why did we used to charge a renewal fee? Charging a annual renewal fee helped us keep the servers free of unwanted tour data, but there’s a big downside too.  That is – if you are an agent with dozens of listings, it can get very expensive to renew each tour, year after year.  That expense is counter productive to our partnership with you, as we want you to reap the full value of your PreviewFirst account, and a big part of that, is your Listing Map.  Your Listing Map is a history of your listings and sales, and shows prospective clients that you are an expert.  This is why we’ve stopped charging for renewals.

If you aren’t familiar with the power of your listing map, please see this articleIt’s a really big deal.  http://blog.previewfirst.com/2012/06/your-listing-map/

To see your Activity Map, find your profile page, and click on the map.

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