Talented Photographers Wanted

PreviewFirst is always interested in talking to talented photographers.   Do you know how to light up the interior of a home so that it looks natural, bright, evenly exposed, maintaining proper colors and window clarity?  Can you shoot a 4500 s.f. home in 60 min and provide 40+ images?  Are you good at twilight exposures?  If so, we want to talk.

PreviewFirst is the leading provider of real estate photography and virtual tours in Southern California and our customers are some of the top selling real estate professionals in the world; with very high expectations. We are talking to photographers who are available 4-5 days per week. The average day will include 4-6 shoots beginning at about 9:30 am with the last shoot at around 3:00pm. Twilight appointments begin 1 hour before sunset. Weekends are optional.

How much you earn is based on your availability and talent. The more you are available = more opportunities to schedule you. The average affiliate photographer with PreviewFirst earns about $54,000 year. $35k part time / $70K full time.

Before responding to this ad, please take the time to familiarize yourself with the opportunity and requirements, and take the time to peruse our website (http://PreviewFirst.com). You can also check out our flickr site at http://www.flickr.com/photos/realestatephotography/

1. Because we receive so many inquiries, it is important that you email us with as much information as possible about your experience, qualifications, and why you think this may be a good fit for you.
2. When you email, please include a link to your online photo gallery, or links to specific samples of your work.


Affiliate photographers must present themselves professionally at all times, with an uncompromising desire to satisfy the client. PreviewFirst.com affiliate photographers must own the necessary equipment, including:

  • A Digital SLR
  • A fast Mac computer.
  • Wide angle lens (12-22mm with crop factor) (or 16mm equivalent full frame)
  • Adequate lighting and tripod
  • Remote Trigger
  • Remote Wireless Flash System
  • Certificates of insurance (general liability, workers comp, auto)
  • Reliable Transportation
  • Completely clean criminal record
  • Ability to respond immediately to phone calls and email
  • Must be very punctual and respectful of our clients time
  • Have a clean, well-groomed appearance
  • Affiliate photographers must be competent with Photoshop and have high speed internet access to work from home.

Please do not call. We must keep our company resources and phone lines available for customers.  Please email service@previewfirst.com and include a link to your online photo gallery, or links to specific samples of your work.  Please keep in mind, we are only interested in samples of architectural, interior design, real estate photography samples.

Thank you!  We look forward to seeing your work.

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