How can I change the music?

Don’t like the music we put with your tour?¬† That’s okay, we don’t take it personally. ūüėȬ† You can change the music to something you do like.

  1. Login to your PreviewFirst account
  2. Click “Manage Tours”
  3. Click “Edit This Tour”
  4. Click “Music Options”

From here, you can listen to each song, and when you’ve decided, just click “Save Music Track.”

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 1.26.05 PM

Notice the number next to the song title Long Walk Home Р405).  That tells you how many seconds long the song is.  405 seconds is almost 7 minutes long.  Each photos appear for about 5 seconds, which means this song is ideal for 81 photos.

Now keep in mind that the tour is not necessarily supposed to sync with the music.  Most people navigate through the slide show at their own pace Рclicking on the photos they want to see.  So, trying to get a song that matches the length of the slide show is not necessary at all.  But when you can, why not?


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