Zillow Video Walkthroughs

We produce professional Zillow video walkthroughs

What’s it all about?

  • Zillow wants you to add video to your listings.
  • Zillow doesn’t allow agents to add professionally produced video. 😧
  • They’ve created an app for you to record and upload video, and it’s FREE. 😊

Benefits of video on Zillow listings.

  • Your listing goes to the Top of the Search Results!
  • Your listing gets a HUGE amount of traffic compared to other listings!
  • Your listing doesn’t say “No Video Yet.”

How does PreviewFirst help?
Creating a good looking Zillow Walkthrough video isn’t easy.  If you’ve tried, you know what we’re talking about.  So PreviewFirst and Zillow have teamed up.

  • Videos must be taken with a mobile phone, via the Zillow app.
  • WYSIWYG  (what you see is what you get) –  There is no editing capability (exposure control) or sound.
  • Simply put, PreviewFirst is experienced with the required Zillow app and we use tools that makes your videos look much better.
  • We only charge $75 when included with any photography order.

What else can PreviewFirst do for you?
PreviewFirst is a Zillow Select Photographer, which means our clients enjoy valuable and exclusive Zillow benefits.  This is not an overstatement.  With PreviewFirst as your media partner, we can do things for you that nobody else can.

  • Our clients CAN include professionally produced videos on Zillow listings.
  • Our clients CAN include branding on their videos!
  • Professional video differentiates you from everyone else!
  • Our clients get contacted by buyers and sellers from Zillow.

PreviewFirst Provides the following services.  Rates are based on inclusion with Photography orders.

Standard Zillow Video – $75
Enhanced Zillow Video – $200
Cinematic Professional Video – See all video menu options.

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