Your Listing Map

Have you updated the status of your virtual tours?
The Green Pins show all of your active listings, and the Red Pins show all the homes you’ve sold.  Learn more about the power of your listing map.

Here’s an example from one agent that recently updated the status of his tours.  Which one do you think is more impressive to prospective sellers?

Listing Status Out of Date

Listing Status up to Date

All of your virtual tours are linked to your profile page, which includes this map and a gallery of all your listings.  That’s why it’s so important to keep the status current.  Agents tell us that their gallery page and listing map are powerful tools in the listing presentation, establishing that you are indeed the area expert.

Many agents email it to their client before the listing appointment.  We can even provide you with the embed code so you can post this map on your personal website, and blog, etc.

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