Save $10 on your next virtual tour, just for doing THE TOP 5 MOST IMPORTANT THINGS you should be doing anyway :-)

Five Simple Steps to a faster sale and more buyer & seller contacts.

See details: The Return on Investment is Huge!

Do these things within 24 hours after your virtual tour is live in the mls, and PreviewFirst will add a $10 credit to your account.  Yep, we’re actually paying you to market yourself.  We figure it’s worth $10 to help our clients realize the full value of their virtual tours.

  1. Upload your virtual tour to
  2. Add your virtual tour to the MLS
  3. In the Advertising Remarks write, “See virtual tour and dozens of photos at [Branded Tour URL].
  4. Claim the property on Zillow and post your photos and virtual tour there.
  5. Share your branded virtual tour link on your Facebook, Twitter, or G+ accounts (at least one).

When you’ve executed these 5 steps, let us know by “Liking us” and posting your virtual tour link on the PreviewFirst Facebook page.

Our most successful clients attract hundreds of new introductions from each virtual tour, because of these 5 steps.

Offer good for virtual tours created in June 2012. Terms subject to change without notice.

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