How do I create a photo-video for YouTube?

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If you’ve been a PreviewFirst customer for a long time, you may remember the days when we turned your photos into a little video. That was pretty slick back in the day.  In 2011 we evolved to the HD Motion Picture player and no longer rely on video to display slide shows.  Nowadays, there are so many options to create your own slideshow videos.  You can even upload your photos direct to YouTube…

  1. Upload your photos to YouTube (Free) – That’s right.  YouTube makes it easy.  Just login to your Google account, go to YouTube.  Click Upload, and select (Photo Slideshow) and follow the instructions.
  2. We can create a video for you ($25).  Using our own video applications, we can create a video for you.  The video will be uploaded for you to download and upload to your own YouTube channel.

Not So Fine Print

  • If we create the video for you, it’s $25 every time edits are requested.
  • We used to upload directly to your YouTube account for you, but due to privacy concerns, we stopped doing that.  Giving anyone access to your YouTube account, also gives access to your Gmail, and Drive accounts… and that’s just not a smart thing to do. 🙂

Please send your video request to

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