Seller introduces agent to everyone they know

Sometimes I use the “bold” font type too much.  In this case, I can’t be bold enough.  If you haven’t figured this out yet, I want to make sure you get the point, (boldly).  😉

Want to get introduced to all of your clients’ friends, family, neighbors and coworkers? It’ll cost you about $150 bucks.

  • Get some professional photos and create a virtual tour.
  • Share it with your seller and and ask them to post it on their facebook page and Tweet it.
  • Tell them to email it to their sphere of influence (work and home).

The fact is, most sellers do this anyway… but remind them that you are a team and they may very well know someone who could be a good match for your home, or maybe they know someone who knows someone. Get your seller involved in the process.

Virtual Tours are much more than a Selling Tool. They’re a listing tool, and a self promotion tool. In fact, no other form of marketing will introduce you to more prospective clients than your virtual tour. When your seller shares their virtual tour, they’re not just sharing information about their home, they are sharing a virtual tour that celebrates their property and shows everyone-they-know, what YOU do to market homes compared to the competition. They’re referring you!

How are your virtual tours a listing tool?  If you have a PreviewFirst account, you know the power of your Virtual Tour Gallery and your Listing Map.  The map shows a green pin for all of your active listings and a red pin for all of your sold listings. It’s a great way to show prospective clients all the homes you’ve sold, and what kind of photos and videos you provide.  If you don’t have any listings because you’ve sold them all, this map shows your experience and track record.  If there was just one reason to get a virtual tour of every listing, this is it.

To see your Activity Map, find your profile page, and click on the map.

Listings and Sales

Listings and Sales

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