What to do when it’s overcast?

This is Southern California where the sun is always shining, right?  Not exactly!  There are stretches during the winter, when we only get one or two days a week with clear weather.  From April – June, we often wake up to Fog and over-cast skies; that don’t burn off all day.  This is especially true near the beaches.  So, what are your options?

(Plan A)
An overcast sky is often great for interior photography.  So, the majority of your pictures will look fantastic.  But it’s those outside shots that you need to worry about.  Here’s what we do to help (no additional charge).  We will always provide 2-3 exterior photos with replaced skies.  The results are often terrific, but some variables can pose major problems.  If there are a lot of trees – fugetaboutit!, especially palm trees.  Sure, we can make them look better than normal, but if you need Magazine Quality, we recommend rescheduling or going with Plan B.  As you can see from the view shot below, the hill in the background is actually covered by fog.  We do our best to blend the fog into a sky with pretty clouds, but some pictures (and weather) are more challenging others.  In which case we recommend Plan B, below.

What to expect?  We typically edit the skies after the images get through quality control and delivered.  So, you can expect the updated images two business days after the photoshoot.

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(Plan B)

We offer a discounted rate of $75 for what we call a Go-Back-Out.  GBO’s are 15 minute photography appointment’s for the purpose of capturing photos that were missed the first time.  Bad weather, neighbor car parked in front of the house, or perhaps you decided to spruce things up a bit with new decorating.  This option allows you to get the majority of your photos right away, and have us return for more photos at another time.  You can expect between 4-8 images on average.

The decision to keep the appointment or reschedule it, is totally up to you.  We do require 24 hours notice to free up the photographers schedule, so please give us that courtesy.  Keep an eye on the weather, and if you’re not certain that you’ll get the pictures you want, just send us an email to reschedule.  We offer a lot of grace with regards to our 24 hour policy, but we are also vigilant on behalf of our photographers, as we greatly respect their time and talent, and believe they should get paid when their time is reserved.

We want to provide outstanding photos every time, so if the weather is unexpectedly bad, we may even call you at the last minute to confirm your appointment.  We’d rather reschedule and give you the best possible photos, rather than chance any disappointment. But it’s your listing and your appointment, so we have to rely on your decisions.

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