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PreviewFirst virtual tours allow you to use both Photos & Videos.  You can create your own videos, or let us take care of everything for you.  In this post, we will describe the Video Services we offer.

Lifestyle Video Clips / $450 + (MLS CompatibleView Samples
Perfect for beach, parks, and downtown living.  Includes an hour of local video footage.  If combined with a photography order, photos can be combined with your video.  See Tours for Hawaii Home and La Jolla Home

Property Walk-Through / $250  Narrated Version  /  $450 More Video

This video may start with a personal introduction outside the home and segues inside, using a combination of photos and videos to show off the property.  Narration of each area described should be no longer than 15-20 seconds.  Agents should have their scripts prepared, and opening and closing remarks should be memorized for best results.

This type of video usually takes place immediately before or after the photo-shoot.  The purpose of this video is to introduce yourself, and highlight some of the homes key features.

“Reel Video” / $250 (MLS compatibleView Sample
These are the most popular videos we offer.  No scripts needed, and they’re MLS compatible.  Grand foyers, crackling fireplaces, and estates that simply don’t fit into a single picture, add “reel video”.  Imagine the front gate opening, birds chirping, panoramic pans of the exterior, views, landscaping, waterfalls and pools.  Footage is combined to include the most representative photos, resulting in a presentation that will WOW your clients and prospective buyers.

Property Introduction / $100 (Not MLS compatible) View Sample
Opening with a personal agent introduction, this video segues into a photo slide show of the property.  The purpose of this video is to introduce yourself, and highlight some of the homes key features.

Introduction Videos
Added to your YouTube and Vimeo accounts, these videos can easily be included on each virtual tour, your website, and any other marketing venue.  The purpose of these videos, is to establish rapport with prospective clients, and give them a handful of reasons why they should contact you for help.

Agent Introduction / $150
One-minute video – We recommend a very natural (no queue cards) video that can take place at your desk, or in a comfortable home environment.

Office introduction / $200
This one-minute video is about establishing yourself as an industry professional.  This video begins with a personal introduction as the presentation segues into video clips of the office environment, staff members busy at work – talking with clients, on phones, or in meetings.

Script-building / $75 hr
Need help creating a good script for your videos?  We will provide you with helpful information to guide you in your efforts; complimentary of course.  Or, if you’d like to sit down and spend some time with a professional, we can work closely with you to maximize the impact of your narration.





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