Money-shot Photography Sample

This home was a privilege to photograph – a luxury property in Rancho Santa Fe, CA, with amazing detail and crazy-awesome challenges.  It is a beautiful home.  Although 27 images were delivered, the two hour time slot only allowed enough time for about 14 money-shot images.  With rooms this big combined with low light, dark woods, and big windows, each shot required a little more time than normal to produce.  The other 13 images are bonus, and required an additional 60 minutes.

You’ll notice the omission of any exteriors in the gallery below.  We took one, but it was one of those situations where the sun was directly behind the house, shining into the lens (blah).  A return in the morning, for additional exteriors will be on the calendar soon.  I’m also going to suggest a video production for this home, as it has a beautiful gated entry, a long winding driveway, and so many waterfalls and palm trees, I think a video will do a lot to sell the ambiance that a home like this has to offer.

Virtual Tour:

Here’s what the front shot looked like yesterday.  I’ll update this post with a morning view (when I get it) to show the difference preferred light makes.

Afternoon view with the sun directly behind home




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