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What to do when it’s overcast?

This is Southern California where the sun is always shining, right?  Not exactly!  There are stretches during the winter, when we only get one or two days a week with clear weather.  From April – June, we often wake up to Fog and over-cast skies; that don’t burn off all day.  This is especially true […]

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FAQ’s, E-Mail & Phones?

Office hours are 8-5, Mon-Fri (Pacific). FAQ? Why can’t I get through on the phone? Over 90% of calls are answered before the 3rd ring, but that’s not very comforting if you’re in the 10% that always seem to get voice mail.  Voice-mail happens because we tend to get phone calls in waves.  We’ll go […]

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What is a Go-Back-Out?

Say the weather wasn’t ideal during the photo-shoot, or that darn neighbor parked his car in front of the home again… we can return on a preferred day to retake those shots.  A G0-Back-Out (GBO) is a special photography rate for those times when a return visit is required.  If you didn’t tell your photographer […]

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