PreviewFirst Photo Wins Coveted Photography Award

PFRE Award

Photography for Real Estate (PFRE) is a very popular blog dedicated to all things “real estate photography”. Founder Larry Lohrman, established the blog which has inspired and educated thousands of photographers around the globe. Always interesting and informative, it is the the industry’s hub. Each month, real estate photographers from around the world enter the photography contest. The contest photo stream can be viewed at

“I am thrilled and honored that such a talented group of real estate photographers appreciate this photo. There were several outstanding images to compete with, which makes this win even more humbling. Thank you.” -Steve Carroll, Photographer

Award Winning Photo - Click to enlarge

The winning photos is one of my all time favs. The kitchen is beautiful and has some unique challenges, which is why I entered it. Every interior photographer knows the difficulty of lighting up a ceiling like this one; avoiding harsh shadows from the beams, and avoiding color cast with all those yellows. A lot of time was spent adjusting for targeted white balance. While most people tend to judge a photo by how pretty the subject is, an experienced photographer pays more attention to the challenges that had to be overcome. I like doing hard things… and for me, that’s why I love real estate photography so much. Every shoot presents a unique challenge.

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