Arranging photos with Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 and newer don’t work with all websites. It’s a power struggle thing between MS and everyone else. So, Microsoft added a little button to their browsers called “compatibility view”. This button let’s you see websites the way the designer intended.  In most cases, you can just hit that button and you’re good to go. :-)

Below is a screen shot highlighting where the Compatibility View button is.

Press the button that looks like a torn piece of paper.

If your computer still won’t let you rearrange photos, you’re probably using IE9 on a Windows 7 computer.  Unfortunately, many Windows 7 users recently got an unwelcome update that prevents computers from using the Java script that let’s you rearrange photos.  The only way to fix this is to either uninstall IE9 and reinstall IE8, or (and we think this is a better idea), USE A DIFFERENT WEB BROWSER.  Other web browsers like FireFox, or Chrome, or Safari are far superior to IE (in our humble opinion), and the great thing about them… is that they ALWAYS work with the cool features at  :-)

All of these are available for free download and only take a few minutes to install.  OH, and will solve your problem.

Please let us know if this was helpful.  Thanks.

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  1. Nancy Murphy
    May 26, 2012 at 8:39 am #

    I am with Orange county MLS and I am having a difficult time uploading my virtual tour to our tempo system. It is asking me for the vitrual tour url. I am going under manage tours clicking the mls version and copying and pasting and it wont upload. Can u help? i wanted this working this weekend. Thanks in advance:)

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