The Truth About Virtual Tours

I saw an interesting blog thread the other day, started by a real estate agent that asked, “Why get a virtual tour?  People only care about the photos, right?”  It’s a valid question.  Do buyers care about virtual tours?  What about Sellers?  He’s certainly right about one thing… When it comes to real estate marketing, nothing is more important than great photos.

Some pictures deserve a frame. Some homes deserve a virtual tour

Here’s The Truth About Virtual Tours

  1. Adding a virtual tour to your listing is like adding a frame to a valuable painting.  It makes it stand out from the crowd and says “it’s special and valuable”.
  2. Virtual Tours make a home look nice, and THAT makes your sellers like you more.
  3. Listings with virtual tours attract more clicks and turn viewers into clients.
  4. Buyers love virtual tours because it’s a much nicer way to share their new purchase with friends and family.
  5. Virtual Tours are extremely inexpensive, yet pay higher dividends than any other kind of marketing.

Here’s the real important part…  Virtual Tours Turn Your Clients into Your Best Sales People!

Top Selling Agents have figured this out… When you provide a virtual tour for your listings, buyers and sellers post it on facebook and twitter, and they share that tour with everyone-they-know; neighbors, friends, and co-workers.   That translates into POWERFUL word-of-mouth advertising.  But they’re not just promoting your listings, they’re referring YOU, and showing the world what you do to market homes, vs. the competition.

When you have an account with PreviewFirst, your tours continue to work long after the listing sells.  Check out the Activity Map.  The map shows a green pin for all of your active listings and a red pin for all of your sold listings. If you’re a top selling agent in town, this map will make that clear to your prospects. If you don’t have any listings because you’ve sold them all, this map shows your experience and track record.  If there was just one reason to get a virtual tour of every listing, this is it. 

To see your Activity Map, find your profile page, and click on the map.

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