Motion Picture showing black screens?

The Motion Picture Player is an HD feature that downloads high quality images on demand.  If you experience black screens, or longer transitions between photos, it’s because the Motion Picture player is “playing” faster than your computer is able to download the photos.  The problem is your Internet speed.  I know people hate to hear that, and we hate saying stuff that people hate.  Sorry  🙁   The good news is that the problem is usually temporary, and isolated to your computer or network.  AND the problem usually resolves itself without you doing anything.

I’m going to launch into some more detail below (for those that are interested), but if you’ve heard enough, my last bit of advice is to clear your cache and try again in a little while.

Test your Internet speed at  For best performance, Internet speeds of at least 1.5Mbps are recommended.  The faster your Internet connection, the faster your Motion Picture Player will download and display your photos.

  • The average Internet Speed in the United States is 3.9Mbps.  Our tours are optimized to perform at a fraction of that speed.
  • Many office connections are actually pretty slow, at about 1.5-3.0Mbps, but if a lot of people are using it at the same time, it could be much slower.
  • Residential Cable Internet Speeds range between 5.0Mbps to 30.0Mbps or higher.  Super duper fast!

I’m at a Starbucks in Poway California, right now.  I just tested my broadband connection, and it’s 1.4Mbps, however, I tested it a few minutes ago, and the connection speed was only .30Mbps – a small fraction of what it is now.  That’s really really slow.  The problem was the someone else in here, or perhaps multiple users, were also connected to the network and using up all the bandwidth.  As a result, the tour I was trying to watch, struggled to download photos fast enough.  Now that those guys are gone, it’s working great. Below is a screenshot of my current Internet speed.

The problem isn’t always multiple users.  It can be a bad router or modem, or a temporary glitch with your Internet provider.  Stuff like this happens all the time, and usually resolves itself pretty quickly.

There’s another variable that can play a factor, and that’s “bandwidth interruption”.  For instance, I’ve been at real estate offices where the speed test shows 1.5Mbps, but the tour still lags.  The reason is likely an interruption in the connection.  Interruptions are very short, but if frequent, can slow your downloads considerably.  It can be argued that a slow, but uninterrupted connection is even preferred.  For instance, I’ve been at other real estates office where the connection speed was only .60Mbps, and the motion picture played perfectly.  Go figure!  It’s weird and always surprises me.

Bottom line here: it’s your Internet connection.  If you continue to experience problems, press the refresh button on your web browser, or clear your cache.  This is important because your computer may be showing you a recorded version of what you previously viewed.  By refreshing the page,  you’re telling your web browser to ignore the cached version and play it again from scratch.

Starbucks Internet Speed. This is very good for Starbucks.

We know how frustrating it is when things don’t work the way we want them to.  If you’re still struggling with this, please feel free to email or call for assistance.  858.451.5772.

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