What is Money Shot Photography?

Home Builders, Interior Designers, and Luxury Home specialists require Money-Shots.  While the objective of Virtual Tour Photography is to capture as many photos as possible for a walk through tour, Money Shot Photography focuses on only the best compositions. The difference really comes down to the art of using light, and the extra time and resources that go into each individual photo.  Both options provide exceptional photography, but each has it’s own purpose.

We usually only post Money Shots to our flickr gallery, so that’s a good place to get a feel for the difference.  Here’s the link: Real Estate Photography

Below are some comparisons.  We chose these pictures because we know how challenging some of the photos were.  The sun shines bright through those windows all day, so it’s very difficult  to expose the interiors without completely blowing out the windows.  Also, notice the twilight shots.  With Twilight Money Shots, we’re able to paint the exteriors with light, including the landscaping, showcasing a home at its very best.

Mouse over the image to see the Money Shot difference.

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