Adding Video To Your Virtual Tours

Video Sample

PreviewFirst has just made it a lot easier to add video to your virtual tours.  Since the conversion to the new platform several months ago, you needed us to help you.  Now you can do it yourself, instantly.

Just log into your account and click “Manage Tours”.  Choose the tour you want to manage and you’ll see the embed code field there.  It’s super easy.

If your video is MLS compliant, which means there is no signage, company or personally identifying information in it, you can click the “MLS Compliant” box and the video will show up on the MLS version.  Otherwise the video link will only appear on the Branded version.

If you’re interested in video production services, please inquire within.  We’ve always offered it, but only upon request.  In the coming weeks, we will share more about our services and prices.

Here are a couple of great video samples…

Hawaii Home

Jenny Craig Ranch

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