Add Community Photos to your Virtual Tours

Would you like to add community photos to your virtual tour?  There are a few ways to get them from PreviewFirst.

Stock Images:  If you have a photography appointment and want to add community photos, please let us know before the appointment.  PreviewFirst maintains a database of stock imagery of many communities, including neighborhood signage, gates, club houses, gyms, pools, tennis courts, beaches, lakes, walking trails, etc.  If we already have the photos from a previous shoot, we can use those.  If we don’t have them, we’ll need to make sure the photographer has enough time to get them.  This is a complimentary service and community photos are considered ‘bonus” imagery.  We can only capture these photos IF we have enough time during the scheduled appointment. 

Common Use:  Community photos which do not INCLUDE the subject property, or taken FROM the subject property, are “community photos”.  They are intended for future use in virtual tours, for any home PreviewFirst Photographs in that neighborhood.

Exclusive Usage Rights:  If you would like your own community photos to be used exclusively for your virtual tours, and for which you would own the exclusive usage rights, please make sure you schedule enough time for your photography appointment.  Additional charges will apply.  Depending on how many community photos will be delivered, an extra 30-60 minutes may be necessary.  Typical rates are $100-150.

With all photography provided by PreviewFirst, our terms and conditions apply.

  1. Copyrights Granted with conditions: Any photography ordered from and provided by PreviewFirst includes the right of client to print, publish or transfer images as they deem appropriate for the purpose of their own business. Should images be transferred (whether in digital or print form), PreviewFirst terms and conditions are also transferred. Abuse or misuse of this copyright grant is considered a copyright violation and considered unlawful. Client and/or any transferee agrees to include “Photography by” alongside, on top, or underneath any photo provided by in clients advertising.
  2. It is understood that any and all originals, proofs, sample prints, and digital representations remain the property of PreviewFirst, and they may be used for advertising, display or any purpose thought proper by PreviewFirst.



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