Copyright Protected?

If someone tells you they can’t print or publish the photos we’ve provided to you because of the copyright, show them your copyright license.  The following is posted publicly on our website within the terms and conditions and FAQ’s. You can also provide this Photo Copyright Release.

Copyrights Granted with conditions: Any photography ordered from and provided by PreviewFirst includes the right of client to print, publish or transfer images as they deem appropriate for the purpose of their own business. Should images be transferred (whether in digital or print form), client and/or any transferee agrees to include “Photography by” alongside, on top, or underneath any photo provided by in clients advertising.

The web images are delivered to you with our copyright stamp, but the high resolution (print) versions are not.  Whenever you use the print photos (whether on the web or a print publication), be sure to include photography credit where appropriate.

Why is the copyright important? 

  1. The purpose of the copyright is to make sure PreviewFirst gets credit for the work.  Our photos end up on hundreds of websites, like Zillow, Trulia, Redfin,, and others.  It’s simply not right, that our photos should improve the quality and relevance of other websites – without at least giving credit where credit is due.
  2. Getting the credit for our work is also factored into our pricing structure.  Basically, one of the reasons we are so inexpensive is because we hope others will see that we are the photographer of record and consider hiring us, too.
  3. Another reason EVERY AGENT SHOULD CARE ABOUT THIS, is because soooo many people steal our photos.  Not only are they stealing from us, but they are stealing from our customers.  The copyright protects us, both.  It’s no guarantee, but at least it makes a statement that we are serious.  I simply cannot tell you how often we get calls from our valued customers because someone has stolen their (our) photography from their website.  Well, at least we used to get calls like that – until we added the copyright to web images.

Customers who prefer to own the copyright outright, can purchase a license for an additional fee of $300 per photo set (address).  The license gives clients the right to do anything with the photos, except resell or publish in contests.  If you are dealing with some tyrannical, uncooperative, unreasonable company that won’t allow the copyright on the photos you provide them, we simply ask that you give PreviewFirst the photography credit within the comments of any text or other placement options.

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