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PreviewFirst virtual tours are all about keeping the viewers attention and getting people to contact you. So, the default landing page is the HD Motion Picture Player, because that’s what most poeple think of when they think “Virtual Tour”.  However, we think you should which it to the introduction page, to promote the property, and YOU.  With that said, a good property description, with information about yourself, is critical. It’s the page everyone sees when your sellers post their tour on facebook and twitter, and when they show it to everyone in the office and in their family.

The photo gallery is what most buyers want to see when they click on your virtual tour.  They want quick access to all the pictures via the photo gallery.  Or perhaps you like the presentation style of our HD Motion Picture.  Who wouldn’t?  That’s the most impressive feature, and definitely keeps the viewers attention.  And what if you spent a fortune on a video?  The intro page definitely has it’s purpose, but we can certainly see why you may want to have the virtual tour open to another page.  So, now you can do that!

Here is an example.  When you click on it, you’ll notice that it opens right to the “video” page of the virtual tour.  Scroll down just a bit more for instructions on how to do this to your virtual tours.  It’s super easy!

With all changes you wish to make to your virtual tour, the first thing you need to do is Login to your PreviewFirst account.  From there

  1. Click ‘Manage Tours.
  2. Then click “Edit this tour” next to the tour you wish to change.


Change default landing page

Choose Landing Page


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