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A subtle but major difference

Do you see the difference between these two photos? The difference between these two photos is about one foot; a subtle but major difference.  The top photo was taken at about 5 feet off the ground and the bottom photo at about 4 feet.  The difference that one foot makes is how much of the […]

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Not-so-real estate: Is it ethical to alter photos?

Airbrushed photos are becoming more common as prospective homebuyers turn to the Web as the first point in their house hunts. Two years ago, Jonathan J. Miller, a Manhattan real estate appraiser, bought a house outside New York City. Shortly after the sale, he looked up the listing on the Web site of the seller’s […]

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Sabre Springs Twilight Shoot

San Diego Real Estate Photography View all photos and virtual tour at We photograph a lot of homes, and it’s rare that we get a cool twilight photo like this.  This is a 15 sec exposure with one flash.  I pointed the flash slightly away from the trees, so the light would give me […]

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