Map Your Real Estate Sales Track Record

The Activity Map is a Crazy HUGE Big Deal! The map shows a green pin for all of your active listings and a red pin for all of your sold ...

I Am Your Best Salesperson

Resume Application (858)451-5772 Objective:  Seeking Position as Sales Assistant  I will show your listings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I’ll make sure your listings look perfect ...

Real Estate Photography 101

The BIG THREE problems most agents and photographers face are these: Color Accuracy Hexagonal Lines Balanced Exposures Let’s start with the basic understanding that good real estate photos should make ...

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Real Estate Video Production

Video Concepts by PreviewFirst is the leader in real estate photography, video and virtual tours.  We produce several offerings to meet your goals and budget. Have a unique concept, we’ll give you a custom quote. Email: Los Angeles County (626) 219-0620 Orange County (949) 491-1445 San Diego County (619) 821-8228 Temecula / Murrieta […]

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Aerial Photography & Video

CURRENTLY SERVING SAN DIEGO, ORANGE COUNTY & TEMECULA VALLEY. Temecula Valley requires an additional $50 fuel charge. $350 – With Aerial Photography, you can expect 5-10 images per property. As conditions permit, we always attempt to capture your aerial photos from multiple angles at *approximately 30°, 60° & 90° degrees. At 30° the goal is […]

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New Listing! Description coming soon.

Every day thousands of homes are viewed at website. Incomplete virtual tours often give the impression that a listing is “No Longer Available”. So now all virtual tours include “New Listing! Description coming soon.” Add a description and property details Add your non-branded virtual tour URL to your MLS listing Add your branded Virtual Tour […]

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PreviewFirst Affiliate Photographer Opportunities

Full Time Affiliate Photographers Do you know how to light up the interior of a home so that it looks natural, bright, evenly exposed, maintaining proper colors and window clarity? If so, let’s talk. Average monthly payout is $4,800 – $7,000+ Must be available 4-5 days per week Must own necessary equipment Prefer to work […]

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HDR vs Traditional – Which do you prefer?

In real estate photography, shooting at sunset has it’s advantages and disadvantages.  One advantage is that one side of the home will be lit up beautifully at sunset.  A disadvantage, is that the other side won’t.  Below is an example of a key shot with the sun in front of the camera, making for a […]

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Talented Photographers Wanted

PreviewFirst is always interested in talking to talented photographers.   Do you know how to light up the interior of a home so that it looks natural, bright, evenly exposed, maintaining proper colors and window clarity?  Can you shoot a 4500 s.f. home in 60 min and provide 40+ images?  Are you good at twilight […]

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Unlimited Virtual Tours – Annual Hosting

PreviewFirst no longer charging $10 to renew virtual tours. Virtual Tours remain available for one year.  However, as long as you are an active PreviewFirst customer, your tours will remain available indefinitely. What does it mean to be an “active” PreviewFirst customer?  Answer: If you have ordered at least one tour in the last 12 […]

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Head-shots, Team Photos and Executive Portraiture

PreviewFirst offers Professional Head-shots, Team Photos and Executive Portraiture.  Our style is not studio oriented – no backgrounds or studio lights.  Rather, we like to include a combination of light from the natural environment with some fill light.  We think environmental portraiture is more appealing and creates a better sense of rapport with prospective customers.  […]

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Popular ‘Walk-Through’ Videos

You can edit almost every aspect of your virtual tour and changes are made almost instantly. Here are a handful of the most popular Walk-Through Videos

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San Diego in Top 5 Fastest Moving Real Estate Markets

Great News: San Diego in Top 5 Fastest Moving Real Estate Markets San Diego, Calif. Median days on the market: 20 — a 59 percent year-over-year decrease from 49 days Percentage of homes that sell in seven days or less: 25 percent Median home-price increase year-over-year: 22 percent to $390,000 Read More Source: Zip Realty […]

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